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Catch Jonny Boy's Cookies food truck at local events! Enjoy our freshly baked cookies, unique flavors, and friendly service on the go. Follow us on social media for our next stop and satisfy your sweet tooth wherever we are!

What to Expect

Freshly baked cookies, unique flavors, and friendly service at every event.

Freshly Baked Cookies

Enjoy a selection of our most popular cookies, baked fresh daily.

Unique Flavors

Discover unique and limited-edition cookie flavors exclusive to our food truck events.

Friendly Service

Our team is dedicated to providing warm, friendly service, making your visit to our food truck a delightful experience.

Book Us for Your Event

Make your event unforgettable with Jonny Boy's Cookies food truck! Whether it's a community festival, corporate gathering, or private party, our food truck adds a touch of sweetness and fun. Contact us to book the food truck for your next event and treat your guests to the best cookies they've ever had.

Food Truck EventS Calendar

July 9, 2024Brooklet, GA4:30 pm
July 12, 2024Starland Yard | Savannah, GA4:00 pm
July 13, 2024Sweet Saturday | Vidalia, GA11:00 am
July 13, 2024BoroFest | Statesboro, GA3:00 pm
July 14, 2024Starland Yard | Savannah, GA12:00 pm
September 6, 2024First Friday | Statesboro, GA5:30 pm
September 17, 2024Richmond Hill Curriculum Night | Richmond Hill, GA
September 21, 2024B-Dale Bash Car Show | Bloomingdale, GA10:00 am
October 12-13, 2024Ellijay Apple Fest | Ellijay, GA9:00 am
October 19-20, 2024Ellijay Apple Fest | Ellijay, GA9:00 am
October 25, 2024Sand Hill Elementary | Guyton, GA12:00 pm
October 26, 2024Isle of Hope Art and Music Festival | Savannah, GA10: am